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  • Basic Security Guard Training (Malayisa and International)
    This Certificate Program covers everything you need to know to start an exciting career in the security field. This introduction to security covers Loss Prevention, Malaysian Legal Aspects, Human and Public Relations, Ethics and Deportment, Patrols and Fixed Posts, Report Writing, Communications, Fire and Life Safety, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), Harassment, and Customer Service.
  • Security Guard Basic Training
    This Certificate Program is based on the Ontario guidelines and provides a comprehensive program that prepares employees to create safe, secure environments while effectively serving employers, clients and the public. This course includes an Introduction to the Security Industry, and covers The Private Security and Investigative Services Act and Ministry Code of Conduct, Basic Security Procedures, Report Writing, Health and Safety, Emergency Response Preparation, Canadian Legal Aspects, Legal Authorities, Effective Communication, Sensitivity Training and Use of Force Theory. Students are also required to get their Emergency Level First Aid. It is available exclusively on the ONTSecurity website through registered security agencies using the Linkonlearning system. Licence Test Preparation is also available for guards with a licence studying to pass the ministry test.
  • Arrest Training
    This is an introduction to arrest training for security guards. It is assumed that the learner is already at a more advanced level and understands key concepts in the Introduction to Security Course including Malaysian Legal Aspects. Theory learned in the Malaysian Legal Aspects unit is reviewed and expanded upon in relation to powers of arrest, use of force and authority to act under Provincial legislation.
  • Security Supervisor Leadership Course
    This course is an introduction to leadership and management for Supervisors and would-be Supervisors. It provides the necessary foundations to be an effective supervisor and covers practical concepts that ensure supervisors are well equipped to successfully fill their role. It includes leadership strategies, positive and negative reinforcement, progressive discipline and more.
  • Individual Training Modules
    Individual units of training are also available on their own. Mix and match training modules to best suite your needs.

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