Access Control / Door Entry

  • Eagle Eye Security has the knowledge and technology to design, install and maintain a system to suit all needs, from standalone systems to multi floor office blocks over several sites with IP camera integration. Swipe, proximity and even biometric applications controlled via computer software for ease of data management.
  • Some of the features of PC based access control are TCP/IP camera integration, Timesheet time and attendance, Roll call and muster, Anti-pass back, alarm integration and Fire alarm integration. Proving that these systems are truly powerful and not just for opening and closing doors!


  • We supply, install, maintain and repair all types of door entry and intercom systems. We provide a complete sales, installation, maintenance and repair package on a large range of door entry and intercom systems.
  • Our elegant door entry systems are suitable for any situation, offering the highest performance. The range of video and audio entry system can be designed to suit you from indoor features, call tones, second access door and entry gates.
  • All our entry systems can be finished in anodized brushed aluminium, brass and powder coated in white, depending on your requirements.

Fire Systems

  • Fire alarm systems are a cost effective way to ensure you have a means of detecting & waning of fire. Numerous detectors can be installed on zones, when a detector is triggered the fire alarm control panel will indicate which zone has been triggered, giving you or the fire brigade an indication of the area of activation.

Gate / Barrier Automation

  • The gates are of mild steel construction to offer a robust solution to your perimeter access protection problem.
  • The infill can be customized to offer the most suitable appearance to fit in with your particular site.
  • Since the gates are the first thing to be seen by a visitor to your premises, we pay great attention to the overall finish of your gates and offer a finish to blend with your surroundings, we offer galvanizing, powder coating or a duplex coating which gives a smooth finish and offers a comparable protection to galvanising.
  • These automatic gates can be interfaced to many different control techniques including card readers, radio control, remote push-button, digital keypads, etc. etc.
  • The operators have inbuilt safety, by means of an anti-crush torque control, additional safety devices are recommended with automatic gates, I.e., photo beam or safety induction loop - either device will prevent closure whilst a vehicle is detected in the gate/path.
  • The Electro-Hydraulic barrier is dedicated to opening and closing access and comes highly recommended for intensive use, operating bars up to 6.5m. But barriers are available up to 12m for special applications.
  • The Electro-Hydraulic has a smooth and regular movement and a double hydraulic lock ensuring considerable stability of the bar in any position whether it is raised, lowered or at any intermediate pausing point. There is also an anti crush safety device that is particularly sensitive allowing the barrier to stop the bar at the minimum contact with an obstacle.
  • This form of barrier is designed for intensive use. This means they can be subjected to a high frequency of operations but for limited periods of time and are ideal for apartment buildings and office or school car parks where there are rush periods with high traffic flows alternating with periods of limited flow.


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